Lesson tuition is due at the beginning of each month.  The amount will depend on how many classes are in a given month. Tuition covers lesson time as well as the teacher's preparation time, selecting appropriate music, and organizing performances.


Monthly tuition is due on/by the 1 st  of each month.

Monthly invoices will be emailed on the 25 th  of the previous month

A $5 late fee will be applied if invoice is not paid by the 25th of the month following the invoice date


Lesson Rates:

30 min- $40.00

60 min - $70.00

**45 min are available if scheduele allows at a rate of $55.00**



Music and Book Fees


Appropriate books for lessons may be purchased at the majority of music stores around Calgary. If you would like the studio to purchase the books for you please send an email and it can be added  on to your monthly invoice. Please note that for piano it is essential to have music books for the student to practice with on a daily basis. For all my current students I offer a Free Membership for Joy Tunes Music Maestro that can be accessed on phones or ipads. Within this app there are practice lessons, theory practice and samples of music books for the student to work through at home!  For Voice lessons Karaoke tracks can be purchased online. I can locate and purchase the song in the proper key to email/ burn on a cd and send as an mp3 for you and I can add that to your monthly invoice. 


Payment Options:


Monthly Payments - Cash or Cheque payable at the beginning of each month.

Internet Banking - Please send to  crystal@crystalmcgrath.ca 

Stripe is available - inquire for details


Lesson Attendance and Cancelation Policy


There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, if a lesson is missed with no notice or under the 24 hour time frame you will be charged for the lesson without a makeup lesson. It is however understood that last minute occurrences such as illness, and emergencies so upon my discretion on the situation in such case you may be provided with a makeup lesson. If cancellations are made with 24 hour notice or more we can reschedule the lesson for a time that best suits both our schedules. I will provide you with a minimum of 24 hours notice if I need to reschedule the lesson for an urgent reason. If in any case I reschedule your lesson, it will be provided with a makeup lesson at a time convenient for both of us.


Social Media

Please confirm with studio your preference on students being posted on Crystal McGrath Music Coaching Social Media platforms. Examples of posts are pictures of success, video clips of performance and positive messages. Please feel free to follow on Face Book or Instagram to stay up to date and engaged with studio updates.


Virtual Lessons


Virtual Lessons are done on Zoom, or Facetime/Skype if you prefer. I like to use Zoom for Screen sharing and whiteboard use. You will be sent a private Zoom link that will be consistent for all of your lessons, it is included in all of your reminder emails as well!!!

Pick Up and Drop Off for In Studio Lessons*** Currently No In Studio Lessons are available during the COVID-19 Period.

Parents can drop off students and pick up at lesson start and end time as there is no parent waiting room. You are welcome to park on the street or in the driveway on the Right hand side! However, If the student needs to wait they are more then welcome to wait inside after or before their lesson if they are here early or if their ride is running behind within reasonable timing!

Discontinuation of Lessons Policy


If for any given reason you require to cancel the continuation of lessons, Please provide the studio with 2 weeks notice, or you will be charged for 2 weeks.