So many times we have expectations on how the day should go...the people we will see, the work we will do, the mood we will be in..... that when things go a different way our brains go huh? what happened that's not how I programmed my day to go!

For instance today....I had a tire go real low on me...that was not in the plans...however I knew the light came on in my car a few days ago but the tires all looked fine.....aha... yes Warning lights come on for a reason ...but I couldn't see a problem.....I knew I had 2 options..be angry and frustrated...or go with the unexpected event and see what happens. today... Yesterday I figured seeing the light I better make some calls so I start calling around and every place I call says Sorry we cant get you in for a week or so...I start getting frustrated and annoyed with the fact that the vehicle I drive everyday that safely gets me where I need to go no longer is functioning proper this I was not expecting...then I just head home and think I will deal with it tomorrow...so tomorrow rolls around and I casually drop my car off at a place I have never been too...they get me in right away and ordered me s great deal on new tires and changed them in a day!!!! Just like that Im back in action...with a few chauffeured rides from D..….. I'm on the road again!

So my point here is, when we function in a state of anger, frusteration and resistance things usually fire back at us with that same emotion.....When we function in a state of go with the flow, you tend to receive that flow right back!!!!!

My second point is...Don't procrastinate....I knew I needed to get new tires for the winter season ahead...and if my tire didn't go flat, well not gonna lie I probably would have waited till an icy Calgary day to remember to buy new tires..... save yourself the trouble of being inconvenienced! when you know you need to do something...just do it!

Today be aware of your reactions...and be ok with the fact that the day could highly likely be full of unexpectations!!!

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You can try...but you can't plan everything