Happy New Year 2019!!

When it comes to setting resolutions, I don't typically feel it is necessary to make them just because it is a new year, as we can create change at any point in our lives! Sometimes there is pressure to set goals when the new year comes, and then they can often become unrealistic to achieve as we set the bar too high! There is nothing wrong with a big goal but set stepping stone goals along the way so that you continuously feel as though you are achieving something and not constantly striving and sweating and exhausting yourself to hit the top! Its like a ladder..we can not get to the top of it without climbing up each step! When you set your goals like a step ladder it makes it easier to climb to the top and helps you enjoy the journey!!!!

Something else I love to do is set up FOCUS WORDS for myself! Now these can change throughout time so your not committed to these words the whole entire year! However today right now think about 5 focus words that will help you achieve the Very Best version of you today!!!

For example here are my focus words:

1- Balance

2- Impact

3- Connection

4- Growth

5- Persistance

I can reflect on these words any time I am feeling stuck or need to be re energized to help me stay connected to my vision!!

Grab a piece of paper or open up a word doc and type out your 5 FOCUS WORDS!!! keep them somewhere that you can easily reflect on!! Better yet hop on instagram and post a picture with your 5 words in the caption and tag me :) Lets do this journey together!!!!!

Wishing everyone an amazing 2019 full of abundance, love, health and happiness!!!!

Here are a few photos from 2018:


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