Crystal McGrath

Hi! I'm Crystal! I am a multi passionate entrepreneur crushing chaos in this beautiful life!

Sometimes my world gets a little crazy....hence why Im crushing chaos...but I wouldn't change a thing....the only thing constantly changing is my new ideas...things keep getting added to the "TO DO" document.....its not even a list..but a full on document....if I was more organized it would be color coded in a spreadsheet...but can't do it all aha..... Basically my lifes purpose is to inspire individuals to be the best and brightest versions of themselves...including me... to introduce you to my world I will tell you know I write how I talk so go with the flow of an occasional error in my blogging :) Here's what I spend my days and nights doing:

-Music!!! I am a musician and play guitar and piano...I have a country band under my name "Crystal McGrath" and a passion pop duo under "Boy and Gurl" you can find all my tunes and videos throughout my site and on spotify, youtube, iTunes and really anywhere else you can hunt down music now

-Music Coach- I am super passionate about sharing the love I have for music with others especially the youth of today!!! I have a music school "Crystal McGrath Music" where I coach all ages Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Songwriting, Performance and most importantly Confidence and Self Esteem!!!

-Body Mind Wellness Coach- I LOVE coaching individuals how to live to their fullest potential!!! I am a certified Yoga, Spin, Barre, Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach! I do online coaching as well as private and group sessions out of my Calgary based Studio!! I love incorporating all sorts of healing modalities into sessions such as sound bowls, angel cards, essential oils and music!!! Im also a huge fan of vision boards and host workshops throughout the year! Oh and you can also find me at some cool studios around Calgary teaching Barre, Spin and Yoga....holy smokes one more thing in this area...I founded "Barre Movement" a spin off of Barre Class that I bring teacher trainings to various studios to share my style and love of Barre with or without a barre!!!

-Philanthropist- Jarred (the boy in Boy and Gurl) and I founded the Write 2 Dream Foundation in 2011 to create an artist development scholarship program for youth 13-17 to have an opportunity to co write a song, record in a pro studio, have a photoshoot and their song uploaded to music platforms online!!! We also bring inspirations speaking workshops to schools!!!

-Dry Cleaner- I know right where did this one come from :) my dad started a Dry Cleaning company before I was born, and I spent my entire life learning how to run a business from watching him! I have been hands on helping out since I could sort a hanger, and even though I have stepped away many times to pursue my passions and create my own thriving businesses, I still am happy to help dad out with the biz when and however I can!!

-Life Partner- I have a beautiful relationship with Darren...he's the man...he's my rock supporter of all my crazy ideas and also the grounder of my ideas...he likes to say if he wasn't around all the time Id be shooting music videos in front of hotel vending machines....once I threw it out as an idea while we were filming my video for "On Top" in Vegas....and I haven't lived that idea down ahaha so we laugh...well I do...haha **there was no vending machine in that video He not only is my partner in life...but in my work...he plays in my country band produces my the band leader..set list writer....gear packer...overall helper...and then on top of all he does for me he rocks his businesses "The DG Standard" and "Off the T-Can Studios"

- Daughter, Sister, Friend-- this is important too...I have people that show up for me and that I chose to show up for....if your in my circle you know if you need me I will be there with a smile and an idea!!!

-Boss Lady- I have a cool team that support my ideas and run with them! Having Help is a huge gift that I hold so much gratitude for!! When you start to realize you can’t do it alone growth becomes exponential!!

- Fresh to the table...creater of the "Crushing Chaos" Podcast....which is coming soon so please join the mailing list to stay in the loop!!!

Ok I'm sure I have probably forgotten something however as the days unfold I will continue to share more!!!!

Some people say I'm Crazy and I do too much.....I say why limit yourself.....Explore your passions....Expand your mind...Learn as much as you can....Laugh at your mistakes....Learn from the falls....Trust your intuition...Love yourself more then anyone else could....

my pet peeve--- people that say I'm Crazy and that I do too much....althought hearing that always secretly motivates me more (secrets out!)..

It is my goal to share my life, my lessons, my favorite styles, my fav restaurants and outings, my travels and adventures in this crazy chaotic life of mine :) I want to hear about your chaos too so Please comment or email me your relatable stories, things you struggle with, things your want to hear me talk about and things you love about the blog and site!!!!