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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 9: Syya Yasotornrat

Podcast Tips

We listen to them in our cars, when we are working out, and maybe just to help us relax after a long day. “Podcasting has blown up year after year and now boasts over 51% of the US population listening to podcasts today.” They can be about every range of interests, reaching their audiences, and expressing authority in the topics they choose. Podcasts are a growing part of the internet community, and a growing way to increase brand awareness for their company. Making a podcast has its struggles, it is hard to know what makes a certain podcast grow, and the multitude of others that fade off into the distance. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Syya Yasotornrat shares her tips on how to be consistent with your podcast content to avoid podcast fade ensuring your podcasts grow.

Syya Yasotornrat is a former corporate tech sales professional who jumped into the entrepreneurial pool by co-founding a podcast creative firm, she is the Dallas Co-Chair of Global Leaders Organization and co-host of 3 podcasts. She has successfully managed accounts in all sectors including Fortune 50, SMB, public sector, and channel sales management. for companies such as SonicWALL, Hewlett-Packard, and Disney Corp. She noticed the evolving usage of podcasts in this generation and for people’s growing usage of self-learning through long commutes or travels.

This led to the creation of Innovation Media Enterprise LLC for businesses to fill in the gap for customers' taste. Their motto is helping to turn your messages into money. The extend the following services Brand extension, production and promotion services, and a podcasting studio. They use brand extensions services to help create an extension that attracts new customers in the fastest growing medium in the internet community. Their production and promotion services ensure your podcast’s message is efficient creating a community of listeners. The podcasting studio at Innovation Media Enterprise LLC has partnered with CityCentral in Dallas to offer a recording studio for branded podcasts. Also, they have Innovation Calling, to share innovative company stories who are shaking up their industries.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast, Syya Yasotornrat shares with us her knowledge on what can make your podcasts survive podcast fade and tools to make it thrive. One of the main tools is to know and be able to define your audience and then you can be able to manage your social media effectively. She states, “Planning is key to know your why and your key mission, objectives, and values, and it will inspire you to keep going.” Inspiration is the common antidote for podcast fast and making sure that your podcast gets held accountable for the dedication you want to put forth in it. However, only you as a podcaster know your niche and the reason why you are publishing this podcast. She states, “Only you know your content, your audience, your message, your bandwidth, your accountability to yourself, your discipline, again, you have to understand why you are doing this.” These tips and many others she shares on this latest episode of the Crushing Chaos Podcast.

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