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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 8: Cynthia Height

Stop being Invisible

Often, we live our lives with the intention of not bringing up attention to ourselves. Being lost in the crowd is a common feeling, especially for those that do not fit in with everyone. This feeling of invisibility brings us unhappiness in our professional lives that leads to our personal lives. We have an instinct to stay within our comfort zones basically ensuring our status invisible. Something we do not often hear is that it is ok to use our creativity to personally grow and reach beyond what is familiar. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast, we have Cynthia Height talking about her company Dear Ms. Anonymous sharing her tools on how to stand out, and not be invisible.

Cynthia Height is the founder of Dear Ms. Anonymous, a women’s empowerment community and blog that shares a message of inspiration to all who feel unseen. Through a series of blogs, courses, and programs, that help you step in the spotlight. Dear Ms., Anonymous was born out of her conversation with Cynthia and her best girlfriend. The realization that most women do not share what is on their minds with other people. Women then lose the most important tool their voice. Dear Ms., Anonymous focuses on positivity, inclusivity, and authenticity. To let all that is bothering and distracting you to disappear. It helps create a strong community of women urging to become our more authentic selves.

Cynthia Height offers different programs that suit your individual needs as women. Her Journey to Self-Discovery program let them remove the negative voices inside of your head and release your fears. This allows the women to follow the bigger dream to follow their passions. The Dream it, Achieve it program offers businesses strategy that can turn your dreams of becoming entrepreneurs into a reality. Knowing how to create the business being the first step to get you out of that 9 to 5 to reach for your dreams. Cynthia Height’s Let’s Get Visible mastermind show you how to help your online business with your social media presence. This let’s your online business consistently producing content that shows authenticity, and expertise in your product or line of business.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Cynthia Height talks about her journey to self-discovery with Dear Ms. Anonymous and her own tools for women to get outside of their comfort zones. She starts by using the client’s initial creative mindset to have them stray away from what their parents told them to do growing up living the 9 to 5 life. That inner voice growing up that they must live a certain lifestyle and do certain careers because of the reliable stable paycheck. Only then will we as women stop becoming invisible to live our most authentic selves. She uses this to block out those negative voices and urges women, “go after your dreams, do what makes your heart happy because at the end of the day we can make money doing anything but if we are not happy inside we will just be invisible forever.”

For more information on Cynthia Height’s company Dear Ms. Anonymous and other programs she offers.

Website: https://dearmsanonymous.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imlouheight

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