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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 7: Danielle Bettman

Dealing with Kiddos with Big Emotions

The hardest job in the world is parenthood. We love our children, but there is that constant failure, of not doing or saying enough that cripples us sometimes. We do not just want to give our kids the bare minimum. Although working, and them being home all the time due to COVID-19 it just adds to our already high-stress levels. We are our children’s cheerleaders but where is ours that can make us feel like we doing great by our children? Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Danielle Bettman a parent coach talks about the struggle’s parents face and her own ways to cope with the stress.

Danielle Bettman is an entrepreneur, parent coach, podcaster, and mom. With her background in teaching this brought out her ultimate passion for helping parents realize there is no size fits all solution for the child. Her company Wholeheartedly LLC helps parents with strong-willed children ages one to seven who are looking to boost their parenting skillsets. This gives them that extra feeling of knowing what they are doing, resulting in making them feel more accomplished. She teaches them key paradigm shifts in behavior, and together they implement new strategies that can work with your family. Realizing that parents come into this job with no preparation she uses Wholeheartedly to be their cheerleader for those providing children the best they can.

Danielle Bettman is also the creator of Failing Motherhood, a podcast for women that are consumed with guilt that they are messing up their kids. She offers stories about different mother’s own struggles and raw experiences in motherhood. This provides reflections on new perspectives and practical strategies. Each week, they try to normalize this struggle providing comfort and give the message to fellow mothers they are not alone.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast, Danielle Bettman discusses her own journey into becoming a parent coach, and ways to help parents with there own struggles. She acknowledges that as a parent you do not start with early childhood education, and even if you were it does not prepare you for the struggle’s parents face. She wants parents to keep in mind that, “is to prioritize your sanity over everything else and when you take care of yourself then you can be a good parent, then you can be patient, then you can show up and be the parent you want to be.” It is all about changing the shift from the negative to the positive. It keeps the conversations going that can help build understanding, get on the same page, which helps with the building blocks towards your children’s futures. Overall this is “helping them formulate their own self-image where we create self-fulfilling prophecies for our kids by not only the ways we build them up with our words but point out the ways that give them motivation and confidence too.”

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