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Crushing Chaos Podcast: Episode 6 Risha Ferdinand

Business strategies and connection

Within a day busy entrepreneur has many tasks to manage, and not much time to accomplish them Managing time is important and with these current financial times being uncertain how do we make sure our business stays prosperous especially during unexpected tragedies such as COVID-19. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast, we have Risha Ferdinand a business strategist talking about business systems and her tools on how to manage your time in your business to make you be able to save time for your personal life.

Risha Ferdinand is a business strategist, the CEO of Strategic Business Management Agency (SBMA), and a Lecturer at the CTS College located in Trinidad and Tobago. She works with business owners to develop systems so that their machines can develop income for the future of the company without the founder being present. Her main goal is to have the systems outlive their founders bringing forth a more prosperous business. By implementing processes that can work for your company it can yield results monetarily, and operationally.

Risha Ferdinand also has a holder of a Business Administration degree from the University of Hertfordshire. She has over 14 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, which includes work as a freelance accountant. Risha grew from that experience to her own company SMBA following her passion to help her clients grow SMBA started off with Accounting, and Bookkeeping services but then grew into more additional features such as Business Consultancy, and Online Business Management. Each service following the company mantra of Wise Money Management, and Efficiency.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Risha Ferdinand uses her experiences being a business strategist and explains her own tools on how to systematically operate your business, Starting with some of her personal thoughts of her own experiences on starting her own business and what she has learned with her own company. She states “My greatest challenge was always being faced with two options drown or swim, have always being pushed into the deep, always with the blueprint in how to go further, and with that have seen where I have grown mentally and emotionally, I have seen where I have succeeded and come out victorious.” She uses that sink or swim mentality to build the day by day strategies working from the smaller tasks, so the client does not feel overwhelmed. The idea for her company is to use automotive strategies so that the client can have more time to do other tasks. Making you able to find that work and life balance making it more accessible for the busy entrepreneur. “Wake up early go to bed early, accomplish the most important tasks first while it was quiet, finish your day by midday, factor in family, and my time.”

For more information on Risha Ferdinand's business strategy and tips on how to make our business run smoother and more efficiently.

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