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Crushing Chaos Podcast: Episode 5 Candance Caswell

Ditching Caffeine through Bellatte

How many of you wake up, not long after hitting that alarm clock gravitate towards the coffee? We all know it is bad for us, but the convenience and the temporary energy we get from it all seems worth it at that moment. Caffeine is often that addiction without the 12-step program but still, it has numerous unhealthy side effects. Today on the Crushing Chaos podcast, Candance Caswell the owner of Bellatte talks about how you can use this product to replace the routine of caffeine by using this healthier choice for your body.

Candance Caswell is the owner of Bellatte, a line of functional superfood coffee and tea alternatives. Their first product is a mocha inspired coffee alternatively made with superfoods plus collagen for a skin and nail boost. This product also uses adaptogenic cordyceps mushrooms for energy and raw cacao for a good mood boost. She wanted a product that can give you the taste and routine of coffee without the dehydration, anxiety, jitters, and the depletion of necessary vitamins and minerals. This can give women the alternative to make healthier life choices, which can give them more energy to become more productive.

Before Bellatte, Candance Caswell she worked as a product designer for Fortune 500 companies like BBDO, NBCUniversal, and Deloitte. With an entrepreneurial mindset, her passion has always been to solve creative solutions asking herself what can I do to make this product better, affordable, and more effective. She has also had another women-focused company called Mama Manicures in New York, that let’s busy mommies get a mani-pedi in the comfort of there own homes, offices, or even hospital room.

As a former purple minion, a nickname her husband and kids called her because her nerves were a hair-trigger. She talks about her own journeys with caffeine, and how she loved the routine but hated the harmful effects it had on her nervous system. As someone that has solved creative solutions in the past, she pondered on what could make this better for that busy mom on that time crunch but still wanted to make a healthier choice for their bodies. The main goal in the creation of Bellatte was “to make sure women start the day a little bit for yourself, even if you have that smoothie later, that’s fine do it, but if you don’t you get too busy, at least you started your day on the positive.” She wants women to keep that routine by making a healthier choice for their bodies, so they do not get those negative effects of caffeine stopping their own purple minions from emerging. Also, she discusses her favorite tools to keep healthy other than Bellatte. She states, “breathing taking a few minutes a day is really important, just be present even if it's just for a few minutes, and I really try to eat healthily, basically, I add something green to everything I eat.”

For more information on Candance Caswell's business Bellatte

Website: https://www.bellatte.com

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