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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 41: Carrie Veatch

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We all want to know what it takes for us to beat the odds to set us free from whatever hurts us insides our hearts. However, instead of dealing with the trauma with whatever is bothering us, we push it aside not willing to move past it. Moving past the pain, and not worrying about the future is a difficult task to accomplish but it is often what is holding us back. We all should allow ourselves that superpower to step inside of our power to become our most authentic selves. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Carrie Veatch talks about her own journey overcoming trauma and sharing tools on how to set yourself free.

Carrie Veatch has a MA in counseling psychology, and has a background as a therapist, working in gang prevention, and a director of a nonprofit. Also, she is the owner of two online businesses and the podcast owner of Set Yourself Free. That is her main goal is to set people free in their lives and business. She realizes that everyone has different versions of what freedom is and she implements this to uncover what makes your perfect version of how to set yourself free.

To be able to start her own journey to set herself free Carrie Veatch had her own trauma to overcome. She describes herself as constantly living inside victimhood, cycles of self-sabotage and self-doubt. This left her inside of a prison of her own making creating the illusion that she will never be able to set herself free. Once she decided to move past these beliefs and healed her own gut health, she unlocked this power of her mind. She unlocked this power within herself and is positive that by following certain tools everyone can release their ultimate potentials.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Carrie Veatch shares her own tools to release the trauma of their past to live their authentic lives. She first shares the tool that most people undergoing trauma find themselves in the main pattern of either thinking too much of the past or the future. She states, “Acceptance is not easy, it seems so easy in practice but how you can accept what is and that is about accepting exactly where you are and loving yourself exactly where you are even if it’s not where you want to be.” Accept who you are at so you can realize the work that needs to be done to become the person you want to become. Once you set yourself free you can live in the present where you are currently unlocking your potential. She states, “there is no pain in the present if we are really in the present because our pain comes from recreating the past. Reliving the past when it comes to hurt or trauma or thinking about the future and stressing over the anxiety over it.” So to live in that present reality is what is going to set us free.

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