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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 40: Jennifer McGill

Performance Coach

Insecurities happen to everyone, especially those thrown into the spotlight at young ages. We all have this idea in our head on what is considered perfect or ideal. When we make the decision to stop those thoughts and create a mindset of success, we are on our journeys to crush the chaos in our personal and business lives. Nobody is perfect, but if we all have in our minds to learn from our mistakes we can grow in our skills and business. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Jennifer McGill talks about her personal battles with insecurities with over 30 years of show business experience.

With over 30 years of showbiz under her belt, Jennifer McGill now tells the stories of her interesting life, as a Speaker, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Coach, and Inspirational Pop Recording Artist. Starting out by dominating pageants with over 50 victories, developed into seven seasons of “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” in the late 80s to early 90s. She has been seen performing with many internationally renowned stars, casually mentions how Michael Jackson used to visit the show, or when Celine Dion helped calm her nerves prior to an inauguration performance for President Bill Clinton at the Kennedy Center.

She describes herself as a church girl that has slipped along the cracks but after so much pain and struggles in her life, she is finally at a place where she is fearless. When she let go of worrying too much about fame and more about the message that she wants to give to her fans. Her mission is to prove to women that you are never past your prime of purpose. Her lifetime goal is to inspire others that you never have to go through life alone.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Jennifer McGill tells us her journey growing up dominating pageants in a small Texan town, life as a Mouseketeer, her album Unbreakable, and her path to becoming a performance coach. She mentions the comparisons and the insecurities that she used to feel against her fellow Mouseketeer. She states, “Everybody was cooler than I was as far as I was concerned, so I struggled with insecurity.” However, she noticed that by comparing herself she noticed the damaging effects that she was making on herself. In her music, she hopes to save people time, so they do not have to learn what it is like on their own. A friend trying to get others to learn from her struggles, and to always know that you are never alone. She states, “The one thing you can control is how you show up, you never know when that best opportunity is going to happen. So you want to make sure you are prepared, rehearsed, confident, or at least you can fake it until you make it so you can be ready for the opportunities even the ones that won’t be right for you.” If you come in with the confidence and the knowledge that you have done your best, then you never should never believe you failed.

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