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Crushing Chaos Podcast: Episode 4 Mackenzie Thomas


As business entrepreneurs delegating can be the most difficult task to achieve. We all have a decided way of how we want things done, but at the end of the day, it is impossible to try to complete everything. Delegating is a tool that when used can be vital. It allows you to share your own knowledge, and it gives you another person’s insight on what can be utilized to make your brand better. It gives you the chance to branch out to other tasks that are your passion and to be able to utilize your own talents. At the same time giving someone else the chance to network, grow, and the ability to gain valuable insights that can help them in their future careers. Today on the Crushing Chaos podcast, our guest Mackenzie Thomas talks about her company Cascade Virtual, and her own tools on how best to delegate.

Mackenzie Thomas company Cascade Virtual provides a platform for assistance to work the services that they provide, bring them, clients, facilitate payments, provide background checks so the assistant and the client feel comfortable, and do oversights, so everyone can pick their own genius. Cascade Virtual assistance's main goal is to help your ability to delegate your tasks more efficiently. This helps you tackle your daily to-do lists, pushing your goals forward, and allowing you to work on the stuff you are passionate about and will make you more money. Each assistant is selected after an extended interview process accessing their skillset, and criminal background check.

Cascade Virtual is a U.S based service providing tasks such as administrative, research, social media, and technology services to business entrepreneurs, academics, and busy people everywhere. The main goal for Cascade Virtual is for the client to never have to miss out. They start with a list breaking it down into three main categories by doing a consultation meeting figuring out, what they hate doing, what they should not be doing, and what they cannot do. For 99.99 dollars a month they decide on the best virtual assistants for you and then a two-hour session training with our delegation expert to start giving tasks to be able to hand off to your delegate to your virtual assistant.

Delegation is a hard task for any busy person with the mindset that they want to do everything for the business. Mackenzie Thomas realizes this by sharing her own experiences on delegation on today's Crushing Chaos podcast. She states, “Your business is like your baby, you want to make sure that it has the best as if you were to drop your child off at a daycare with a nanny. You want to make sure that is happening when you are not there or when you are busy doing something else is what you would do. “To a degree it is the initial trust factor that people find the most difficult, and the realization of what delegating these tasks can do for your business. Also, the tools that you can pass on to help a person further their own career through networking through your business. Ideally, the main importance of delegation lies in the two people are better than one mentality. She states, “The more you delegate the more actual money you make.” It allows you to focus on your business. Don’t let money be a block on what you want to get done.”

For more information on Mackenzie Thomas's business Cascade Virtual and ways, virtual assistants can help your business.

Website: https://www.cascadeupandcoming.com/portfilio

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