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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 39: Aria Leighty

Mom Entrepreneurs

The courage to step out of one’s comfort zone remains the biggest struggle for women trying to step into their own power. It is an isolated feeling especially when you do not have the mindset that you will succeed. Surrounding yourself with like-minded women ambitious in their game and are supportive with their advice and time can be essential. Not only will they provide support, but they can provide you networking relationships that can help your business grow. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Aria Leighty talks about tools that she uses at The Mob Nation a community where females network and support each other balancing their own businesses.

Aria Leighty is a thought leader, creative consultant, mindset coach, and business mentor. She helps with stepping you outside of your comfort zone, sparkle up your mindset, and live your dream life by stepping into your power. Aria founded The MOB Nation was created to give women increased visibility, networking opportunities, and gain support from their fellow women. First starting as a free Facebook group MOB Nation grew to a national organization. The Mob has won several awards and holds over 20 meetups each month across the country. In addition, to MOBCON the national conference for mom business owners. She has also expanded on the Marco Polo channel with the Glitter Mindset guaranteed to make your mindset sparkle combining positivity with business advice.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Aria Leighty shares tools to help women step into their own power so they can dominate their business lives. The start of MOB Nation started with wanting a community that was built on a supportive community than the competition of clique type networking systems. This system is built for them to collectively be able to build each other up with women with like-minded ambitions. She states "that’s what we need to change the world is for women unapologetically to radically loving themselves and appreciating their gifts and putting value to themselves.” When you put the value inside of your gifts, you know your worth, and then it gets easier to gain confidence in what you are trying to promote in your business. People are just as nervous as you are and are not even noticing your quirks and what you find weird about yourself. It is much better to invoke what she calls the glitter mindset when you do not worry about making a mess. Glitter is all about making a mess but when you shine you leave a trail wherever you go (like glitter). When you begin to shine you start to lead by example by giving others room to shine.

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The MOB Nation Website: https://www.themobnation.com/

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