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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 38: Megan Kitt

Be a Change In This World

We do not often realize the small impact a genuine gesture can make on someone’s life. When you take that extra time to share your wisdom, time, or even sometimes money it can make someone’s life instantly better. It can also be rewarding and good karma to help someone. Wouldn’t it make the world a better place if everyone just stops, show gratitude, and take that extra bit of time? Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Megan Kitt talks about her company Tuli where she takes that extra bit of time to create sustainable jobs for people in Africa.

Megan Kitt is the founder of Tuli which sells high-quality jewelry that changes lives. Their main mission is to promote change and create a world that removes poverty from its existence. Megan founded this company while on a writing assignment in Uganda, with the goal of creating fair jobs in a country with little employment opportunity. Six years later, and for Megan it has been a wonderful development watching the people’s lives that she has transformed. Tuli works with artisans in Uganda and Kenya who can provide for their families and rise out of poverty by selling their jewelry.

Tuli believes that while charitable efforts are noble, creating sustainable income can help change people’s lives. It does not only temporarily provide comfort; it can raise a person out of poverty. Megan Kitt created Tuli to provide African citizens a way to market their own jewelry gifts to a wider market that they did not originally have access to. She gets that small satisfaction knowing that even in the smallest ways she can make a difference.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Megan Kitt talks about her journey with Tuli, and how rewarding it can be to transform people’s lives. Starting with a writing assignment in Uganda she got instantly inspired by the tenacity of how they would go to market everyday selling beautiful jewelry. She states “It wasn’t a sustainable income for them, but day after day they went to the market hoping to make some money and I was very inspired by that kind of tenacity and desire to work really got me thinking about my own position in the world.” She started out by changing the marketing style and giving them a platform that they did not have originally. Six years later and people have not only risen out of poverty but have created completely different lives for themselves. She states, “it’s cool to watch people’s lives transformed by something as simple as jewelry. All with that main passion that the smallest things can make a positive change in the world.

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