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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 37: Marisa Lupo

Divorce Coach

As a result of COVID-19, the rates of divorce are at the highest rate of increase in decades. Relationships experiencing problems are likely being stressed to the point of breaking up with the added stress of undergoing a lockdown, financial strain with the loss of jobs, and an increase in domestic violence. At this current time in the United States, 39% of marriages are ending in divorce. Divorce can be a difficult time, but sometimes a necessary struggle through a person’s journey. What some people don’t realize, it doesn’t have to mean that you’re broken or damaged. It can be about letting go of a bad situation, putting yourself first, and finding what can create a more authentic self. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Marisa Lupo, a divorce coach talks about her journey through divorce, and how she helps change the language of divorce to help others.

The feeling of powerlessness, loneliness, and desperation is no stranger to the journey Marisa Lupo went through with her own divorce. Throughout that journey, she became a certified life coach who mastered struggles with the purpose to empower women to live a life fulfilled of love, meaning, and passion. Using her own struggles to develop purpose from a messy divorce, raising two children, and an opinionated Italian family. It all became about healing herself to have the power of changing her own life. Also, it provided her the tools to help others untie the knots of divorce to start living a life of freedom.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Marisa Lupo shares tools that she used to get through her own divorce. First to shift the mindset and the divorce language from believing that you are broken or damaged because of this experience. She states, “Divorce has this notion of loss, we feel like we are losing something, giving up, we’re broken, it’s that language because we have beliefs based on past memories or experiences from other people before us.” To change that mindset is no easy task because it is often rooted in those couples and our own fears of divorce. However, we do not often notice the many couples that break up civilly. The ones that move past their own baggage to make a different path to being able to co-parent. Divorce can be about finding out your own truth, and to let go of those limiting beliefs that hold us back. She states, “I lived so many years with the expectations of other people, that I never really lived my truth. I didn’t even know what that was, because I built this cage of expectation and to get out of that I needed to find the strength inside me to find that truth.” Once she found that truth, it allowed her to heal, to share these tools to help others.

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