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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 36: Tracy Ferrin


Struggles are universal, it is what we all have in common no matter our life’s background. They are life-defining moments that gives us two choices. The first option is will this be the struggle that breaks me down completely where I give up on life and just stop living the life I want. Then there is the second option where we push past the resistance and overcome the obstacles standing in our way. It is people that overcome these obstacles that often inspire us to make the difficult choices in our lives. So that we can all rise from our struggles and continue to make that choice to fight for what we want. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Tracy Ferrin talks about her struggles the inspiration behind her bestselling book “Up struggle.”

Tracy Ferrin is an Amazon best selling writer, public speaker, with a passion to share her story with others on social media. She remains passionate about sharing her journey authentically and loves connecting with new people. She knows that sharing her authentic self can inspire others to move beyond what is holding them back to overcome the odds or obstacles standing in their way. She is a mom to 4 kids, a wife, and a cancer survivor of Osteosarcoma. She is also a personal development junkie, and a contributing writer to #lovewhatmatters, which has over 8 million followers on Facebook.

In her bestselling Amazon novel, Up Struggle Embrace the Struggle, Become Stronger, Live Happier. She gives an uplifting message sharing her own struggles and the tone that struggles help you move towards progress. She shares a formula that will help you move from the feeling of being burdened by your struggles in a way that will serve to benefit you. This will inspire you to slay the struggles and become a more authentic you.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Tracy Ferrin shares her journey with an overlying message that if I can survive all these obstacles then so can you. At just 18 years old she was already a mother, wife, pregnant with another baby when the doctor told her she had Osteosarcoma. She states, “the world was going through its own battle in 2001 when I was preparing for a battle myself.” She had to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatments, and pain pills that she was also becoming addicted to. While she knew the pain pills were necessary to help save her life, she also knew that she did not want to become addicted. “The doctor at first was like I don’t care, we need them to help save your life, but I was like no I need there to become another way.” Ultimately, she followed her gut so they could find an alternative way to move past the pills to a way that saved her life. Knowing what your body is trying to tell you remains a message that Tracy Ferrin teaches in her writing to this day. She states, “Sometimes we are going through something and it is hard, that we feel so hopeless, but if we hold onto that thought that I will be stronger because of this, I am not a victim.”

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