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Crushing Chaos Podcast: Episode 3 Michelle Myrick

Be the Lighthouse

The urge to be comfortable and stay inside of our comfort zones is a common affliction we see in most in our lives. We know something is missing, but we cannot exactly put our finger on it. We exchange passion for what makes us secure and stable. However, without exactly knowing what we internally realize that something is missing. Most would rather stay on the couch because of an internal fear of reaching outside of that comfort zone. Instead of pushing past that to inspire themselves to follow what would make them happier taking that push, getting off that couch, and making a decision that would result in a happier outcome. Today on the Crushing Chaos podcast, we have Michelle Myrick talking about her life journey and her own tools on ways to reach beyond your comfort zone to get off the couch and follow your dreams.

Going through many different career paths, Michelle Myrick has been a singer, songwriter, and musician for most of her life. She slowly transformed this initial creativity into a passion for painting inspired by the music that she created about her own life experiences. In 2018 she brought her messages even further in a successful show called the “Song Series.” Inspired by the audiences that still wanted more from this initial message she was inspired even further to write the memoir, “Stepping Stones, -From Self-doubt to Self-belief: Finding Meaning and Purpose for your life.”

However, at the age of 55, she finally thinks that she found what she is supposing to be doing in this phase of her life. This new chapter begins with her receiving her certification as a life coach and her new coaching program, “Be the Lighthouse.” Using her creativity, love of teaching, and passion for helping others to combine a program built to inspire and help others find their life purpose, how to overcome adversity through management, and how to build self-confidence through life goals. “Be the Lighthouse” is currently accepting participants for a 2nd offering scheduled for September. See details at www. MichelleMyrick.com/lighthouse. She also has art-based products, coaching services, and programs as well as special events which include, “The Song Series”, “Soul Sister Summit”, and “Team building seminars.”

Today on the Crushing Chaos podcast Michelle Myrick discusses the importance of taking you outside of your comfort zone to find your own life purpose. She begins with how in her own journey she checked all the boxes of success and still felt that need for something else. How these passions became in what she finally resolves as her life’s work and passion teaching others how to overcome that adversity to discover that missing piece in their life goals. She states, “We don’t ask ourselves at all as women what we want for our own lives. I encourage people to do that in whatever they can to understand what you genuinely want. “ It’s all about when you feel like your struggling, and in in the hustle of life, if you can’t say you enjoy you enjoy the majority of the tasks you have for yourself its time to find something else to do” She expresses that it’s about owning how you react to the challenges in your life, especially the ones that you can’t control. Mainly because “it’s about understanding that you can change and take responsibility and ownership on what you created thus far in your life.” She used these tools to become the woman she is and continues to inspire others in their own self-discoveries.

If you want to learn more about Michelle Myrick and tools on finding your own life purpose.

Website: http://www.michellemyrick.com/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/michellemyrick_coach

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