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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 28: Alison Blackler

Human Mind & Behavior

Have you ever wondered why am I not good enough? Then immediately after thinking that thought wonder why you constantly have that thought. Negative thinking can be what stops your potential from reaching your highest potential. Sometimes recognizing that those thoughts exist and finding ways to stabilize your mind to push past them can be your strongest asset. It can empower you to figure out why you are thinking these thoughts, building your awareness, and eventually your overall resistance. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Alison Blackler talks about tools to push beyond those negative thoughts and recognizing yourself as good enough.

Originally training as a counselor and CBT therapist Alison Blackler started to become fascinated with human behaviors. She then became a Master NLP Practitioner and a Clean Language Coach. This allowed her to change her own mindset making her more confident. These qualifications made her able to pursue her passion when starting her own business 2minds. She has worked one on one with individual clients, delivered leadership and team programs for large corporations such as BMW, Salisbury, and SMB. She has also authored a book capturing her experiences, training, and many stories from clients from over 20 years into her book A Path Travelled.

2minds vision is to work and empower others, helping them explore, recognize, and understand why we think the things we do. Recognizing the reasoning why behind your thoughts can help build your awareness of why they exist so you can push beyond the negativity. With her own extensive she recognizes that only through endless curiosity can we achieve the true lightbulb moments. That to always be authentic in your approach is usually the first step in making progress with walking towards your future. This will let you to work towards being the person that leads by example and learning how to challenge your own perceptions of what you are thinking.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Alison Blackler discusses tools for moving past thinking you are not good enough. While this is probably the most negative thought, she sees is client one of the first tools she says is to be aware that you are thinking these thoughts. She states, “I think it’s that what we try to do become frustrated with ourselves, so we are trying to squash it down, we are trying to be strong, but that’s actually quite tiring.” Ignoring these thoughts causes more trouble because they help cripple your own personal growth because you are not dealing with your emotions. Especially, if you are constantly doing this just to be able to survive. Your focus remains on dealing with avoiding these emotions that you tend to not be able to recognize that yes, you are good enough. She states, “80 percent of changing anything is being aware, what you are thinking, doing, and feeling.” So, if you want to stop thinking you are not good enough start by being aware of why you are thinking it and take the steps to push past that feeling.

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