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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 27: Ola Walczyk

Letting go of your beliefs

There is that tiny voice inside of all of us that tiny bit of self-doubt that creeps into our thoughts. It’s hard not to let those thoughts take over our confidence especially when you have people in your life that confirm your worst fears. Why am I not pretty enough or smart, brave, or just plainly enough? This awareness of that little girl inside of us can help us change that mindset by recognizing those fears and facing them. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Ola Walczyk talks about recognizing that little girl and proving to her that you are enough just being you.

Ola Walczyk is a life coach for those that feel in a place where you feel you need support, empowerment, compassion, love, and a smile. She helps women let go of limiting beliefs and completely surrender themselves to the universe so they can build on their successes without holding onto the fear. She was worked in the corporate world for over 10 years until she finally listened to the universe and quit. Each job that she encountered while she was gaining different skills, she was afraid to leave the corporate world.

She then found her passion which was helping women build their empire without the self-sabotaging patterns of fear. This will then build on their self-confidence and love that can be discovered within themselves, which is mostly overlooked. She believes that we all deserve self-care and happiness. That this lets us shine and grow. It is all about loving oneself and that will unleash our inner potential where we constantly explore our passions and succeed in our dreams. Like her own struggles with self-discovery, she realizes the journey is not always easy but always worth it.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Ola Walczyk shares her own tools on how to crush that self-sabotaging voice. One of the main things that she finds the most difficult for people, but also the most freeing is confronting that inner voice. She states, “I think we all have this little girl voice that is suffering that is afraid of being hurt feeling rejected, failing, we are so conditioned that we are not aware of what happened or what is making us feel or act in a certain way.” This protection layer protects us from getting hurt but it's also this fear that cripples us where we do not deal with our emotions. Giving that little girl compassion that she is heard is important but moving past her is more important. It is all about recognizing she exists and realizing that you do not care. It is about trusting in the universe and realizing that those thoughts do not define you. You can feel what you are supposed to feel. She states, “you have all the answers inside of you and you are enough.” Important words to keep in mind while we all remain on our self-discovery journeys.

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