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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 26: Dr. Meghan Braun

Be a Champion

Champions mean different things to many people. A champion is someone who has surpassed all rivals in the competition like a Professional Athlete. Champions can also be someone fighting for a cause that they believe in like an activist. A person that risks their lives every day can be champions such as doctors, firefighters, police, and the military. Someone that will do anything for the person for their loved ones like a mom or dad is often a champion in the eyes of their child. However, a champion can also be someone fighting to be the best version of themselves and will defeat any obstacle to become that version. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Dr. Meghan Braun talks about the tools she uses to help people release their inner champions in youth and adult athletes.

Dr. Meghan Braun is the owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy and Co-Founder director of the Lax Box. She works with athletes of all ages, and athlete careers to enhance performance and reduce injury while maintaining proper movement awareness. She has also publicly spoken about the following topics: restoring your mental prowess, enhancing athlete performance, strength, and conditioning, women in athletics, injury prevention and movement, capturing youth athletic attention, and restoring athlete’s mindset following injury.

Her practice is focusing on aligning both the body and mind to work together not underestimating the power they can have in healing the body. Her “Champions Quiz” is to help identify your own personal blind spots and learn the actions that you can take to raise your potential. This tests you on your physical, mental, nutritional, and goal-setting abilities. Your personalized scores and the Champions Legend will then be emailed to you following your submissions. Honesty is required for the best result to help optimize what you need to work on personally.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Dr. Meghan Braun talks about the definition of a champion, and how we can all strive to become one. She states, “Just being you and being the best you that you can be is being a champion. Waking up every morning excited for the possibilities and the challenges. Knowing that you can face those challenges head-on and that you can achieve the greatness that is being a champion.” The potential of this greatness is inside of everyone one of us, and that what she wants to bring people to live up to their potential. A champion can be anyone that loves to live their life and lives it to the fullness. She states, “Be you. Be a champion find your inner confidence reach out to people and connect with people that you want to be.” With that confidence, anything is possible especially since it starts with creating a healthier, happier, and more authentic you.

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