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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 24: Shauna Domalain

Connecting to the Spirit

Letting go of all the negative thoughts can be a cross that most overcome through their own lives. How do we let go of the self-doubt and the negative influences all around us? How do we just stop and do what is best for us? Struggles happen, but it can be important to start having your own back and let the spirits guide you to a better destination. Blocking who you are due to inner anxieties can create anxiety and stop you from being your most authentic self. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Shauna Domalain talks about her journey of overcoming anxiety and listening to her inner spirit.

Shauna Domalain is a Transformation Medium and Life Coach and an avid women’s life advocate. She has spent over 10 years demystifying the belief that everyone will think that I am crazy and embrace their abilities to talk to the dead. Her mission is for you to open your mediumship gifts, make a connection with the spirit, and staying true to yourself. However, she does realize the anxieties that many face when denying her spirit because of the many years she tried to deny her own.

She battled with those thoughts as a child that she was crazy and that she wanted people to believe her. So, she squashed down her own gifts that kept trying to manifest in her daily life. Shauna Domalain started battling anxiety and depression nothing seemed to make sense or make her happy. Then she started Reiki and started seeing dead loves ones surrounding her. She realized that she been shutting this part of her for so long that once she discovered it again, she found herself. She left behind her psychology degree and started her own private practice. This allows her the freedom to embrace her spirit and the magic that surrounds it letting her become her most authentic self.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Shauna Domalain talks about she gets others to embrace their spirits. She states, “We are spirit, and it does not matter what you believe in and what that looks like for you. Some people it is universal energies. Some people it is god and heaven. Some people it is angels. Some people it is like the matrix other people will describe it as the movie Dr. Strange. There are energies around us, and those energies are available to everyone.” Usually, when there is a block it is because there is a fear and that comes from our inner anxieties. Also, because of popular media, it can also be a fear of possession. When you anchor your spirit its all about discovering more about who we are on an authentic level. It’s important to realize that we all trauma but “as soon as we can accept the good, bad, and the ugly it opens us to this plethora of possibilities.”

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