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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 22: Gaby Deimeke

Project Badass Women

These are the types of women we all aspire to be. The successful, strong, powerful, aspirational, fearless, and independent. We never realize that these women share the same insecurities, and flaws as the rest of us trying our best day to day. That these traits that we aspire to have can what we can become with a change of mindset. Also, if we unite and support each other many more can see past these insecurities to follow their dreams. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Gaby Deimeke talks about her photography exhibition Project Badass Women portraying 55 business entrepreneurs, creators and do-ers united together in one show.

Based out of New York City Gaby Deimeke is a commercial photographer with a wide range of experience through freelance projects and experience. Her passion for photography is in portraitures and using that to capture to likeness and personality of the world around her. Gaby’s work has taken her to 26 countries and 140 cities. She has spent two years in New York freelancing working on a personal project entitled “Project Badass Women” highlighting portraits of female founders and business entrepreneurs. She is always on a constant search for her next project looking for different, and creative ways to fuel her energy.

On March 7, 2020, her first gallery show in New York showcased her exhibition “Project Badass Women” Taking about four hours to hang one side and two sides for another it chronicled two years Gaby Deimeke spent going around New York taking photos of what she considers badass women. It was a huge inspiration to see these strong women going through similar things that she was going through being new to New York. It fueled her ambition to be able to start this show and individualized frames for 55 female entrepreneurs. She also set up a “Give and Take Wall” where people could insert post-it notes for services, they could provide a sort of networking display throughout the event. This providing a sort of solidarity and girl power energy as they posted things which was a great thing for Deimeke to see.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Gaby Deimeke shares her own inspiration behind her exhibition “Project Badass Women” and her other freelance photography projects. When she started in New York, she did not know anyone or did not have any contacts. She decided to take photos of women that she thought were aspirational, the type of woman she herself wanted to become. She states, “When I hung up these pictures for the first time, it was like all of these women together, I was like wow the power we have as women the collective is so much stronger than everything individually. That was a cool moment for me.” Also that despite this feeling that was crushing the chaos, Gaby Deimeke shares that she notices their own discoveries of self-doubt and insecurities. She states, “The main thing that I was inspired by was this idea of perseverance, that no matter what they kept going on.” This inspired her to keep going and building her own life as a commercial photographer finding different projects to keep her creative journey on the path to success.

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