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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 21: Therese O' Connor

Free your Time

It is a claustrophobic feeling that we never have enough time. As women we want it all to be what the world defines success. A wealthy person on the way to high society living but we do not have the time to self-care, and we find ourselves stuck in our brains. It can be a roadblock of making you stop you from going to the next level in your career to unstuck yourself from your current job state. It can be a battle to overcome the mind and shut down those negative voices. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Therese O’ Connor talks about tools that she uses to help businesses reclaim back their time to become more efficient in their businesses.

Therese O’ Connor is the director of Blueprint Solutions, a business that focuses on helping them free their time to become more efficient. Therese O’ Connor learn massive multitasker skills while working for 25 years of business management experience. Being frequently described as the main person to get things done and to bring everyone more efficient together. She started Blueprint Solutions in March 2020 right before COVID-19 overcoming her own personal struggles to start her own business.

Inspiring many leaders to get out of their own comfort zones starts with being able to manage their time. Good time management skills, can make you more efficient, build your cliental list faster, and give you more time to get what will make your business grow. They tailor their approach to not only get the job on time but to remain within your limited budget saving you money. The Blueprint customer is the following: a business owner looking to gain their time back, a start-up company that is an expert in their field but lack the business skills, and those looking for reinvention.

Being an expert on giving back business their time, today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Therese O’ Connor shares her own tools on helping your business. In starts sometimes with the mindset, she admits that “What I but putting into my mind is I cannot do this; I was not as pretty or as talented. Why can’t I be a size ten because I battled with my weight all through my life.” Such a mentality brought her down from moving forward in her own career for many years. She took the scenic route that she noticed many other people in her situation were also doing. Therese O’ Connor advises this, “If there is a round block it is there for you for a reason and I have many roadblocks along the way I could have given up and stopped. I did not stop I paused for a while I overcame the challenge.” She suggests that the best way to have support for your business journey is to surround yourself with people with likeminded ideologies. That way, you have the support while you are breaking out of your comfort zone.

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