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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 19: Silke Harvey

Your Inner Hippie

Somewhere along the way that freedom that we had when we were teenagers got lost in the shuffle. The freedom to have big dreams without the worries or responsibilities that adulthood has thrusted into our lives. Adulting is difficult especially for a woman always worrying about everybody else before applying self-care to her own needs. You got the career, the family, and yet there is an empty void that you do not know what exactly is missing. Silke Harvey’s program The Inner Hippie is about reclaiming that freedom to reclaim the voices that became lost, to unstuck ourselves, freeing us to create the lives that you want. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Silke Harvey talks about “The Inner Hippie” and other ways to reclaim that freedom.

The Inner Hippie Club is for the professional woman that looks like a success on paper yet feel a void that something is missing in your life. It is a constant maze of responsibilities trying to find a balance between work and family that it can be easy to lose yourself in the responsibilities. The Inner Hippie club is a community of women who have lost their mojo is about reclaiming that carefree teenage you were before life got serious.

Silke Harvey is the writer and the founder of the Inner Hippie Club. She moved her business online due to current circumstances. She has plans to expand it into a lifestyle business including clothing, travel, and shop. She is also planning on writing a book with the same name. She decided to start the Inner Hippie club when she made some permanent life changes after being burned out physically and emotionally. Taking from that experience she decided to pass on her own tools to other women going through the similar energy of being burnt out. The Inner Hippie club includes 2 times for rest sessions, 2 times for fun sessions, inspirational fun content that gets you thinking like an Inner Hippie, exclusive writer’s access from the Inner Hippie book, access to the exclusive Inner Hippie Club community (the private Facebook group), and a PDF version of the Inner Hippie Club journal.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Silke Harvey talks about her own ways to incorporate movement to help avoid the feeling of being burned out. She suggests Chakra dancing because moving can heal and become a beautiful experience. Chakra dancing is about aligning the energy in the body. We can achieve mental health mind and body. If you can listen to music and feel the music this can be described as moving meditation. She suggests that despite what we might believe everyone has that inner hippie inside of themselves it is just all about reclaiming that freedom. She states, “even if you work in an office the inner hippie is their underneath your white blouse, it just needs to come out, because the inner hippie, gives you that feeling of freedom when you were young before you started worrying.” With that freedom, it gives you that voice to start taking better care of yourselves and figuring out what you want with your life.

For more information on Silke Harvey’s group the Inner Hippie Club

Website: https://www.innerhippieclub.com/

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