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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 18: Shannon Matthews

The Branding Process

Branding sets the tone of your business. It is the strategy that reaches your ideal customer, and it’s the approach that sets you apart from the competition. Starting the logo, the colors, website, and social media posting shows the values you want your clients to see. It builds on your recognition and becomes known to your potential customers which is crucial to its survival. Strong branding gives a positive impression to customers which can increase their loyalty. It says that your brand is loyal, dependable, and one you can trust. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast talks about her company SMatthews Designs and her mission empowering women to build their own brands.

Being laid off from her job as a non-profit researcher in 2008 led her to go to college and follow her dream into becoming a graphic designer. She knew from her first course that she wanted to work for herself. In 2013 SMatthews Designs was born where her main mission is creating brands for women to help them achieve their dreams and setting them apart from their potential competitors. SMatthews Designs is a boutique branding agency developing marketing materials both print and digital that ensure success for your company.

Hiring a branding consultant or branding coach is beneficial because they help you go deep into the psychology of your business. It creates a strategy by mapping out who is your ideal customer and creating marketing strategies to target your audience. It creates a more introspective way to approach branding building and design. Her services include 1-hour branding worksheet consultation, branding board, logo development, vector, png, pdf files, alternative logo, all-black version, all-white version, watermark version, and Favicon version. Also, it includes, logo files optimized for social media marketing, business card design, letterhead design, and social media banners.

Being the main purpose focus on the business, today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast, Shannon Matthews talks about tools on how to improve your branding. Such as make sure your business has a foundation because without knowing that it will fail. Also knowing how you want to appeal to your audience helps creates your logo, banners, and web presence. She even suggests when you approach new clients to dress up in your branding colors. She states, “Since you have the strong branding you have the confidence to get that client. “Using those colors in their wardrobe empowers the woman where she feels strong on the outside and uses it as your branding armor. Also, another tip is to make sure that the logo will remain timeless where they will not need constant rebranding. Unless the alignment changes, where something does not remain relevant anymore. Maybe they are changing the services they offer, or their business is evolving into new products. She states, “If you have a date then you have an expiration date.” The last thing you want in business is to not be relevant or to have an expiration date. So, to have that logo remaining timeless can be a graphic designer continuing challenge but one Shannon Matthews remains to find worthwhile.

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