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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 17: Lamia Pardo

The Journey of a Start-up Company

Expressing our thoughts in a culture where it seems weak can be difficult. We all want to admit to being strong, and never afraid. However, we do not realize that just makes our day to day lives more difficult. Writing those thoughts down, where it does not have to be coherent or perfect can be ideal for those trying to be strong. Also, its anonymous, without the added worries of what your family, friends, or coworkers think about your mental state. Emotions need a release, whether it is happiness, anger, worry, disappointment, or stress. Writing allows you to have that release without having to worry about what others in your life think. Today on the Crushing Chaos Post Lamia Pardo talks about her app Journify designed for those that need to express themselves on the go.

Lamia Pardo is the CEO founder of Journify a new audio journaling app. She is a digital production strategist, full-stack marketer, and growth strategy leader. She specializes in building performance-driven brands or successful tech apps to market. With Journify, she is on a mission to incorporate mental health habits into the everyday lives of busy people. This is built for the person that tried mediation, and it did not work out for them. Journaling has similar benefits it reduces stress, makes you happier, boosts your immune system, gives more confidence, strengthens your relationships, and sharpens your memory.

Journify is an audio diary app to record your thoughts, memories, or ideas. All voice notes are encrypted so everything you say remains anonymous. Also, it organizes notes with tags, and comments where you get real-time transcriptions Journify also has the option to share recordings via text, Whatsapp, Slack, or e-mail. Journaling has been linked to a healthier mind, lower anxiety, higher likelihood to meet goals, and up to 25% in better productivity.

Starting Journify had its struggles at first which led Lamia Pardo down a road to what she refers to as professional burnout. She states, “when you become a founder you start combining your company with your personal identity, It’s very risky to not be mindful of it because you are at the early stages of your journey.” Feeling drained made her step back and realize her additional purpose and see if she wanted to proceed any further. She states “Knowing when to let go is a skill, although I didn’t want to let go, I was excited to pursue it. It was not a sign it was a struggle along the way.” Realizing this purpose gave her the drive to create an app that she sees helping many others with their self-care. Given proof to the idea that knowing your purpose, never giving up, and knowing the importance of your mission is the recipe for success.

For more information on Lamia Pardo’s app Journify

Website: https://journify.co/

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/journify-co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myjournify

Listen more about Lamia Pardo’s journey on starting Journify and her thoughts on people wanting to start their own businesses.

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