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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 16: ST Rappaport

Using your Non-Dominant hand to access emotions

There are two sides of the brain the left and the right. There is a theory that usually one part of the brain is dominant. If you are mostly analytical, good with sequencing, linear thinking, math, and logical you are said to be left-brained dominant. The right side of your brain deals with your imagination, intuition, holistic thinking, creativity, and arts. Most likely if you are good with being creative you are right-brained dominant. Imagining mastering both sides of your brain where the logical blends with the creative. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast ST Rappaport discusses how using your non-dominant hand can access your emotions.

For ST Rappaport, it is all about the connection with people and understanding people what makes them motivated, happy, and the reasoning behind their connections. This led her to becomes a Relationship Photographer. In her program Genius Relationships, she deepens this relationship connection by asking the question, “have you thought your relationship would be in a better place by now?” It is all about deepening the connection with your significant other with the bonus of not having to get off the couch. It makes you learn to understand yourself and your partner and gain access to tools and tips designed to help you learn mastering communication with your spouse.

Loving this emotional connection led her towards Creative Journaling and her therapy using your non-dominant hand to access your emotions. It’s all asking questions to your left and side of your brain to access what you are really feeling. Start with drawing a picturing with your non-dominant hand. Then start a dialogue using two markers. Ask the questions with your dominant hand but use your non-dominant hand to answer them. Although ST Rappaport says it usually breaks down into four questions First ask who or what are you? Second, think about how do you feel? Third, reflect on why do you feel this way? Finally, ask what I can do to help you with your emotional journey?

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast ST Rappaport discusses how using these techniques can access your emotions to help you release your emotions. The logical brain can be what stops a person from going towards their intuition and passions. However, these techniques can bring you towards doing what you want. She states, “it is so hard, in the beginning, you feel like a little kid, no control over your pen and it could be really big letters or sloppy, but it doesn’t make a difference.” If you get an answer to the question that you asked then you are doing this activity properly. Although, if you did not sometimes the body is not ready to hear that response. She recommends trying again later. Some other techniques for her clients she suggests can include creating vision boards of the ideal life they want, scribbling with your dominant hand when your angry to release the tension, and pounding clay.

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