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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 15: Gianna Miceli

Move through Menopause mindfully

Most women gain weight as they get older, but there are ways to stop the excess pounds. As with most this starts with a healthy diet. Menopause weight gain can have some serious problems for your health. This can include such diseases such as breathing problems, heart and blood vessel diseases, and type 2 diabetes. Other factors that can contribute to the menopausal weight gain can be not enough sleep, and lack of exercise. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Gianna Miceli talks about her own journey through the menopausal weight gain and her tools on how to help move through menopause mindfully.

As with most things Gianna Miceli started this journey through her own weight problems as she had a rapid 40-pound gain when she entered her 40s. She went to several doctors, but nothing seemed to help her body lose weight. Then Gianna found this woman that told her a way to eat that made her liver and hormones respond optimally. She started not only losing weight but started having energy in the mornings. She was led into becoming a Certified Holistic Detoxing Health Detective. Also, an intense discovery into research into the physiology, hormones, menopause, gut health, and food for the next two books, and puts it all together into what she calls the menopause Costco.

She wants every woman to feel amazing as she does and that remains her main goal in life. Mainly because life is way more fun when you are feeling sexy and fabulous. These outstanding results are even possible for women who have thyroid problems, stubborn belly fat, and no athletic ability. She guarantees that all these women will have astonishing figures and drastic changes to their health.

It is all about simple tools that we can start doing just to make sure our bodies can remain healthy. One of the things that she tells her clients is to drop the coffee out of their lives. She states, “Coffee is a drug, every time you take it dripping slowly acid on your central nervous system.” It does not actually help the energy problems that women over 40 have, instead it makes your burn out quicker. Coffee may be legal, but it is a drug, giving the allusion of energy and is terrible for your overall gut health. She urges women to do their own research although her own platform can be an essential tool for discovery on menopausal information. “if you are married, you husband, your children, your income, and your future all depend on you learning this information and taking responsibility for how you feel.” Knowing this can make you have the energy to live your best life and live longer since it will drastically improve your health.

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