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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 12: Jane Gammage

Living with an Auto-immune condition

“There are more than 50 million Americans living with an autoimmune condition), and 75% are women, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.” These conditions have no cure, and the effectiveness of the treatment can be unpredictable. Drug-induced treatments can sometimes cause more harm than good. While medicine has its place, knowing what else can help your body is crucial. Sometimes it’s asking the question who am I now that I have this condition, and who can understand my condition? Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Jane Gammage a qualified life and wellness coach talks about living with an autoimmune condition.

In 2014, Jane Gammage became ill and almost lost her life. Doctors did not know the cause of her illness. It was months before Jane was diagnosed with the condition known as Grave’s disease. Her illness was a combination of the stress of dealing with motherhood, running companies, and making waves in the educational world. Now her main mission is to empower other women in similar circumstances to get back to a healthier lifestyle, finding balance through health and lifestyle management.

In Jane Gammage’s infinity protocol wellness plan is not to replace the medicine but to find a more holistic approach to your own treatment. In her program, she identifies what challenges your body is facing and how these are affecting your state of well-being. Also, to be able to prioritize the issues that need your immediate attention. This allows you to make some definite changes that are specific to you to create balance. Making you able to create and plan a life that works for you. Not to mention the ability to monitor your progress and how to read the signals to make changes to your lifestyles. Ideally, her mission is to make you realize what works for your body to create a healthy vibrant life.

She wants to be able to help people get the support they need to live with these autoimmune conditions. She does not profess to be an expert or for it to be a replacement for medicine that they need to survive. “I would never profess my life is perfect, and that I have conquered this condition because I haven’t, I deal with it on a daily basis, and that’s what I try to tell other people, to balance all those areas of your life, so you can cope with what’s best for you.” She realizes this with her own experiences that sometimes you intuitively know what is best for your own body. You realize what is normal and what is normal for your own body. In her own personal experiences, she pushes through to her own practice as a life and wellness coach. It is all about knowing when to make that initial change from your original life track. Initially “you spent your whole life honing on that career, that friendship circle, or whatever it is and all of a sudden it doesn’t work anymore, and you got to learn to let go of a lot of baggage, you have to learn to set boundaries for yourself.” This creates a boundary for those loved ones by stating you just cannot do this anymore and realizing those limits to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

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