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Crushing Chaos Podcast Episode 10: Maria Tan

Be a Misfit

That feeling like you do not fit in from everyone else is a common one. We see a society filled with people following what they think is the perfect image. It is the feeling that we are never good enough, that begins that image that we are misfits. Instead of realizing that what makes us different is what makes us special. Do we want a million clones or a celebration of what makes us a misfit? It is time to redefine what makes us a misfit. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast we have Maria Tan discussing her own journey as a misfit leading her to coach fellow misfits to become their most authentic selves.

As a misfit herself, Maria Tan became a women empowerment coach who mentors misunderstood geniuses. Maria coaches these female entrepreneurs from all around the world to create success tailored to their profiles. Her focus is on female entrepreneurs who may not fit in and go against what might be defined as the norm. Maria has over 1000 clients which range from side hustlers, new entrepreneurs to Ivy league graduates to diplomats. She integrates a CEO mindset, which eliminates the misaligned aspects of their lives and business. As a coach, she has been featured in Huffpost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain, and Addicted2Success and was featured in The Money Code and How to Crack it.

Maria Tan offers many programs to evolve, engage, emerge, enriched, embody, and elevate the multifaceted misfit to their ultimate potential. To turn the dream that they possibly thought was crazy into a reality. Her mantra is to “own your difference to make a difference” with the goal to have her clients generate certainty, profit, and impact. These programs offer you clarity, specificity, direction, community, training, and mentorship for these business and personal goals.

The struggle of not fitting into society norm and realizing that you are different is a struggle Maria Tan had to face from a young age. This led to a deep depression in her mid-20s that left her feeling frustrated and the desire to kill herself. She fought that voice inside of her to not only empower herself but the other women she coaches. She states, “I wanted to help people like me who was a misfit who wanted to do something different who wants to be ok with something different and not made to feel broken.” Maria Tan discussing many tools on how to embrace your misfit identity and take that frustration you might feel into inspiration. She advises taking that frustration into a direction because “frustration is your inspiration, the reason why you are frustrated is that it matters to you.” This frustration will create a direction for your new purpose helping you create better self-worth.

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