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Crushing Chaos: Lynn Tessari Episode 1


Courage is something we all struggle within our lives. We often let fears push us back from the potential of who we want to be personally, emotionally, and in our careers. That struggle leads to depression, and general unhappiness in our lives that is difficult to overcome. How do we change this attitude to one that pushes back from these challenges and make the courageous change to our lives? Guest star Lynn Tessari shares her own inspirational story about how to change our attitudes towards fear and making the courageous choice to change our lives.

Lynn Tessari was happily working as a heavy-duty mechanic when COVID plummeted the oil price and she was laid off. Lynn Tessari was happily working in heavy equipment when COVID plummeted the oil price and she was laid off. So, she did what every other heavy-duty mechanic would do in her situation; she started on an online company publishing erotic fiction for women.

If Fifty Shades of Grey, 365, and Sex in the City had a threesome Mind Kandii would be the result. Only, it brings you right to the good stuff, no page flipping to get to there. Online entrepreneur Lynn Tessari dons the pen name Tessa Lynes to bring women Kandii sized doses of erotic fiction to put a little spice into their day. A library card gets you full access to the online library featuring a variety of authors and our favorite feature, Kandiigrams, new stories sent right to your inbox”. Lynn’s hope for the site is to encourage positive sexuality in women, provide a format for those who are porn adverse, and introducing/educating its readers on interesting and diverse topics. Fun and flirty, seductive, and sensual, daring and rebellious; it has a flavor for everyone. Mind Kandii’s slogan is Treat Yourself and really why wouldn’t you, you deserve it!

This Crushing Chaos episode covers Lynn Tessari’s own personal journey from persevering in a male-dominated atmosphere to her own thoughts on courage. She expresses how her natural determination made her learn her own ways to succeed. She discusses how to change your own personal mindset to push the boundaries of your own fears on your path to success. This also leads to making all women find their own confidence and the courage to follow their own passions. After all, what makes a woman sexy according to Tessari? “Confidence they own themselves, even if they don’t come by it naturally it’s a muscle you flex.” She also speaks on what makes a person a success, and her own thoughts on courage and following your passion. If you believe the universe has your back if you listen to it to trust it some cool things might happen to it. If you told me I would be writing for country stars I would have laughed. If you're passionate about what you’re doing it should never feel like work.”

If you want to learn more Lynn Tessari, and her company MindKandii

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