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Crushing Chaos Episode 43: Maryanne Sea

Releasing Fear on a Cellular Level

Intuition stays within our bodies. However, the choice to listen to it usually remains inside us because of the fear of going outside of our comfort zone. Ignoring our intuition has problems such as remaining in the same place and the feeling of becoming stuck. It is a viable option to stay with what makes us comfortable, but it does not provide the internal need to grow as human beings. Growth is important because it helps us evolve as people both personally and professionally. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Maryanne Sea talks about her journey from overcoming severe chemical sensitivity to becoming an intuitive healer.

Maryanne Sea's inspiration journey starts with the trials and tribulations that have occurred with her condition of severe chemical sensitivity. She was labeled permanently disabled by the U.S Government, weighed 70 lbs., and had to live in a bubble. She was told repeatedly that this was always going to be her life. She found that one of her main fears was living outside of the bubble. She was afraid of life, and she found that once she put a name on her fears that was what was holding her back. She was stuck, inside of her own inner bubble, and once she made the decision to overcome her fear, she fought back to having a better life for herself.

Overcoming her fears, she made the decision to use what she has learned to help others conquer their fears. Illness is often multi-dimensional and includes the mind and body connection and we all have simple ways in rebalancing that energy. She runs free Power Intention groups for women all around the world, in which women manifest their intentions with the potential outcomes of miracles happening for them. She wants to use the miracle that she was given to others and has bridged that into her upcoming book “Love is the Healer” coming out on February 14th, 2021.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Maryanne Sea shares how she went from her fear of going outside of the bubble to become an intuitive healer. She states, “The fear would be so great, I did not know what the hell I was doing, I just figured out if I was this terrified, maybe there was some way I could get through it.” Recognizing that fear, was her first step in following her intuition that she could get better if she just fought through the fear. Slowly she started imagining life outside of the bubble, and then that became in trusting what was going on inside of her own body. Also, starting to find that hope that she could be given the miracle of a life outside of the bubble. She states, “I cannot change the fact that the world is filled with plastic, but I can work with this fear of life. So, I got hope, and prior to that I did not have hope.” Having that hope and following her intuition created this miracle of a life she fought for her, and it is now her passion to give this hope to her clients.

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