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Crushing Chaos Episode 32: Agnese Rudzate

Focused Action

Working professionals know that time is not always on your side. We work after every small detail, without delegating, feeling the need to oversee every tiny detail. Without even realizing that a quiet environment free from distractions could make us more productive in our business. Finding out what is the proper usage of my time, scheduling it out, and holding yourself accountable to the changes. These are the changes that will make you more efficient providing you with more time for your business. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Agnese Rudzate talks about how to provide a business that extra time that they need to make them successful.

Figuring out that her superpower was organization through her own personal growth journey. Agnese Rudzate became a productivity coach for female business owners.

Her passion became organizing and bringing more structure to women’s lives. This creates for them more time to grow their business or what will bring them the most revenue. With years of experience as a certified quality manager working in a 40+ employee company, she has gained insight, skills, knowledge, and confidence in creating, maintaining, and implementing a structure, organization, and processes. Her goal is for women to have 4hr workdays and become just as productive as if they worked all day. This smart, efficient productive work providing them more time to work on necessary tasks for their business.

With focused action being the initiative women can make 4 hr. workdays easily integrated with their systems for their business. Focused action creates an open space for women eliminating feelings of overwhelm while creating more time in the day. This can allow the woman more time to self-care and do what they need for their business to grow. Everything she does as a productivity coach is done is carefully made with the woman to use, practice, and apply to their daily life.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast she shares tools on how businesswoman can provide more time inside of their schedules. She breaks it down to four main components, sleeps, diet, body movement, and the environment. The environment is especially important because once you are free from your distractions you can get more accomplished. She states, “If you nailed those fundamentals, like sleep diet, and movement. Nothing can stop you from proficient work because you are able to focus and do your work in less time, which means you are saving it for what you want to.” This brings you towards the results that you want for your business to grow. She wants you to ask if you're satisfied with what you accomplish within a day? To never settle beyond what you want to see accomplished. She states, ““I ask myself is this a hell yes? If not then this is hell no. This is how I align myself with my business with what I am here to do.” This aligns herself giving her these tools to pass to her clients so they can align themselves with their own business goals.

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