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Crushing Chaos Episode 20: Deborah Weed

Self-Worth Ambassador

A common confusion is a difference between self-esteem and self-worth. Self-esteem involves everything in the outside world that you use to achieve in your career and personal life. Self-worth is the reflection your yourself, and how you value yourself. When you have high self-worth and know the value of your purpose in the world you will attract others similar inside your orbit. Most important it will create a happier version of yourself because you will find what makes yourself authentic. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast Deborah Weed talks about her tools on realizing your self-worth and her journey to become a Self-Worth Ambassador.

As the Founder of the Self- Worth Initiative, LLC, Deborah Weed’s mission is to foster self-worth so that women will learn to be their authentic true selves. Her journey to her life passion was a crucial one because it all started with a health tragedy. When accidentally gadolinium was shot inside of her arm an acupuncturist told her the only way to save her life was to use creativity to access her life force. Finding out that it works, she decided to help women on similar paths to find the enjoyment of their lives and discover their own self-worth.

This was a complete reinvention from 10 years of working in the entertainment and marketing field. This all leads to her being an award-winning artist and the founder of the Self-care Initiative LLC. With her creativity and positive energy, she has inspired millions of women and their children to realize their self-worth. She is also an author of a children’s book Paisley Last Quill which teaches young girls not to give their power away. This book won the Gutsy Gals Inspire award with its own powerful message to instill the values that girls should never give up on themselves.

One of the first tools is that people do not realize is to love yourself the first thing to do is to value themselves. This step and many others Deborah Weed goes to explain is the tools she uses for her clients to discover their self-worth. Other important tips include is to dig deep and understand what self-worth is since many do not realize the difference between self-worth and self-esteem. She states, “I know when I say I am not worth anything, that when I go out into a relationship that’s what I am going to attract.” It is about working through the disappointment, being authentic, coming up with a new story with your self-worth, and take action with positive doing. Being on the same track and doing what you think you need can be harmful to your overall person. She states, “if people could see inside my heart and realize there was a time when I had no self-worth. I did not know whether I was going to make it. Here I am I can share and make a difference and a lot of it comes from valuing myself, and my gifts, and being authentic.”

For more information on Deborah Weed’s company Self-Worth Initiative LLC.

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