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Crushing Chaos: Episode 2 Cristal Alvarez

Breathwork and Mindset

No matter your age, gender, race, or sexual preference, one thing we all have in common as humans are our emotions. Sadness, over someone that hurt your feelings or a deeper depression that you are not happy with your life. Perhaps you feel anger over something minor like someone cutting you off in traffic or that general awareness of the struggles you are facing. Whatever those emotions come from we have a tendency to bottle them up, which results in exploding. Today on the Crushing Chaos podcast we have Cristal Alvarez talking about her work with breathwork, and how we can use it to shift our emotions to relieve your stress in your day to day life bringing you a positive mindset.

Cristal Alvarez was the youngest teacher in the school district at the age of twenty-two. She turned her love of education, and building a curriculum into a profession she refers to as a confidence activator. She coaches women in finding their inner power, so they can show up more confident. Her work in breathwork allows individuals to get through there inner blocks from the stuff that holds us back so we can rewire our minds to get where we want to go in our lives.

Are you ready to live life boldly and ditch the self-doubt? How about having an outlet to release the stress of your day to day to life balancing work, and your personal life? All that letting go of our emotions can be difficult, but Cristal Alvarez offers many courses for women of all ages to discover a stress-free mindset for yourself. In her youth program Mindful Journey in this program, you will access tools to help you defeat what blocks your children's mind and discover their inner power. Clarity Within is a program that gets you to answer the hard questions and allow you the opportunity to be real and vulnerable. The Intention Academy you receive all the tools to take your idea and use it to bring you money. All of these programs combining in Cristal Alvarez's overall message for women to create the lives of there dreams and activating their inner power.

This Crushing Chaos episode expresses how Cristal Alvarez found herself into doing breathwork. Transferring her love of teaching into helping women relieve their stress and stop their self-doubt through breathwork. Her journey into breathwork started at a real estate conference, "I was so focused on breathing that before I knew it I had tears in my eyes, so immediately I opened my eyes, all these men and women people of all ethnicities everyone embracing and crying, it was such a beautiful experience." It made her go towards a new path making others experience their own journeys through breathwork. In this episode she also shares tools on how breathwork can change your mindset and tips on how to incorporate it in your daily schedule. Even the skills she uses for her younger clients on how to become the people they admire. She states, "the first step I have them do is list their role models, find out what skills they have, and create the version of what they want to become."

If you want to learn more about Cristal Alvarez and her courses:

Website: www.cristalalvarez.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cristalisalvarez

Crystal has shared a download card of reminders for breath work and exercises!

Post-Release Energy Statement Reminder Card to print or save on your phone!

Post Energy Release Statements
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Breath Work exercises

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