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Crushing Chaos Episode 14: Lee Levy

Surviving Cancer while running a business

The National Cancer Institute advises all women age 40 and over to have a mammogram, everyone, to two years.” That can be the difference between catching cancer early and prolonging your life. The main goal is to catch tumors early. Getting checked is what helped today’s guest Lee Levy discover her cancer and ultimately saved her life catching her cancer early at Stage 2. Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast she talks about her trials with cancer, and how she fought to still run a business.

Lee Levy is the creative director and founder of Nex Graphics. She brings over 25 years, to provide companies quality graphic needs and giving them a strong presence across the Internet. With this experience, she has collaborated with many companies to increase their brand awareness and web presence. With the evolution and passion for helping companies grow Levy loves helping her clients follow their dreams. This is by educating them on the constant evolutions of the industry and requirements to adapt. She has recently featured in DOTCOM and VoyageLA magazine for being a successful entrepreneur.

January 20, 2019, an event changed this work progression receiving the scariest news of her life Breast Cancer Stage 2.While they caught her cancer early, everything that she had planned for her rising company was put on hold while she had to go through surgery, chemo, and radiation. This consumed her life for 9 months. Despite this, she kept an extreme determination and focus in making sure her business kept thriving. She would have her laptop open while hooked up to the chemo. This entrepreneurial mindset let her follow her own dreams of keeping her business surviving while fighting to beat cancer. Creating this mindset took effort but through the love of her husband and patient clients who were extremely supportive throughout her whole condition.

Today on the Crushing Chaos Podcast she discusses her mindset tools and she used them both to fight cancer and keep her business prospering. The chaos of her cancer was something that she could not control but she could keep her business alive. She states, “the first time I felt weak, it hit my ego harder than anything, it’s out of my control where I am used to being in control.” She decided to work towards something that she could control her business. She “wanted to stay in my happy zone and stay positive.” So, she used this mindset to keep working through her chemo and the thought ““The business is not going anywhere I don’t care how sick I am, I am going to do this.” Which inspired her and giving her the message that anything is possible when you want it to be. Nothing can stop you even cancer from following your dreams.

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